Equipment talkgroup proposal

I’ve never wanted a talkgroup for “stuff”, because it would encourage people to talk about it, and I feel there is enough of that online. But I talk about hardware and shoes, and to me that is equipment, items I use to further the purpose of existence, as opposed to things that distract from existence.

So I’m thinking of starting a talkgroup as a place to authentically communicate one’s needs and plans so they may find the appropriate equipment.

There would be strict policies regarding link sharing, specifically we discourage any time of profiteering (affiliate links, other scuzzy things).

I’d put Hiking shoes in the Equipment talkgroup, as well as discussions about phones and computers for purchase. It would be the place to discuss obtaining the best equipment for your adventure. :slight_smile:

I’d use #eq as the tag… is that too small? I kinda love it!

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