"email marketing"

Last night I was drifting off I had a thought: conditionally setting my email signature based on address domains I’m emailing.

I know, that doesn’t sound too original, but here’s my thoughts on it, and how this kind of “email marketing” is actually beneficial to the “game” I’m playing, which is training everyone to be technology users.

First of all, I’m personally not comfortable with email signatures. I sign my email, manually. That means, each time you see my name at the end of an email message, prior to now, I had typed it out, and added two lines afterward if there was quoted text beneath it.

I do this because I take writing seriously, it is my primary means of communication, so I need to ensure I’ve checked over it at least once before I send it off. Signing it is “signing off” for me, to me. :slight_smile:

But lately I’ve noticed folks’ signatures (which I ignore on the same level as ads) include personal pronouns, and wanting to support the practice I decided I would do the same. But… I don’t want to type “maiki (they/them)” each time… it’s a bit much, even for me.

In another realm of interest, I’ve been thinking about how there are so many subsets of knowledge pertaining to digital technology, and how folks can work everyday without understanding the whys and hows of their technology, and maybe we can focus on a type of digital literacy that at least explained the ethical implications of any particular field of technology…

Okay, so now I’m thinking about how to use this domain I have for work (Website content, maiki.xyz), and the thought tumbled together… create distinct, industry-based landing pages for knowledge workers, and then link to them in my correspondence.

That’s the idea. Not that big, huh? But here’s my goal: by including a simple reference to relevant materials, folks searching for more knowledge now have a signal from me, similar to my pronoun, and know how to approach me about it.

For example, I talk to a lot of people in “transportation”, which can be anyone from cyclist advocates to city planners to mega-corp liaisons. But what I need all of them to understand is how we use technology affects the outcome and the people we interact with, and for them in particular:

  • GIS usage
  • data privacy practices
  • accessibility information

So in that example I would have information explaining that domain of knowledge, with additional resources, and would include it as:

maiki (they/them)
Ethical guidance for transportation technology: https://maiki.xyz/transportation

That’s it!

But maybe my email will get forwarded to a colleague, who will likely also be working in the same industry.

Now I need to get crunching on content! Ideas…

Ethical guidance for ? technology:

  • transportation
  • publishing
  • non-profit
  • educational

“email marketing”


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