"East Bay" talkgroup proposal

I propose a talkgroup for the “East Bay”, or as I think of it, “Oakland Metropolitan Area”.

I would host it, but would need as many co-hosts as possible, so community gardening is easier for us all.

This talkgroup would have sub-groups, and one of them will be for classified-type postings. It will also be moderated, and possibly structured (with a plugin or something). This is part of an experiment to demonstrate how easy it is to set up a public discussion space that corresponds with a geographical location. We will use tag groups to sub-sub-categorize posts, including by zip codes, neighborhood names, areas of interest, anything really.

What to call it?

I am using oak.party as a domain solely for Snikket; I held on for years that I might build an Oakland-specific website, but nothing I ever thought of panned out; on the other hand it was a fascinating study of horrible websites.

Anyhow, because I couldn’t think of anything, and because I like oak trees in general, I use it as a chat service. But I also intend to share it around Oakland, so hopefully there is some fun interaction there.

Oh yeah, the reason I didn’t think of anything to do with the domain is because everything I thought of could be reduced to a moderated post in a safe environment; what I mean is, we don’t have that. So I’m making a space and hope others will see fit to do the same.

Okay, to move forward what is the thing called? Is #eastbay an apt description for this area around Oakland?