Discourse settings: Required

Continuing the process at What is talkgroup? and following the format at Firefox `policies.json`, I’m going to go through each settings page in Discourse and explore the function of each, and then in doing so I will document what those settings are for talkgroup in #meta. :slight_smile:

Okay, let’s get started with “Required”, the first settings page in Discourse (/admin/site_settings/category/required):

default locale

The default language of this Discourse instance. You can replace the text of system generated categories and topics at Customize / Text.

This is the default language for a Discourse site. What does that mean? Well, it interacts with a series of settings that affect which language the site is presented in, so let’s get through all the settings and then explore the entire sub-system that is user locales. It’s fascinating stuff!

For talkgroup this is set to English, as that is my default language and I promote the platform primarily in English. However, I want to extend the platform to as many languages as possible! So we’ll definitely look at the sub-system and see what we can do. :slight_smile:


The name of this site, as used in the title tag.

In our case, this is “talkgroup”. I think of the “xyz” as in “any subject/topic”, so I call the entire platform “talkgroup”, which is reflected in the title here.

This setting is a text field, and is used to construct the title of the site. We will look at it and a few other settings, and then figure out how best to proceed. For reference we’ll look at the following documents:

I didn’t have anything in these next settings,but I changed one:

site description

Describe this site in one sentence, as used in the meta description tag.

“Public community platform.”

short site description

Short description, as used in the title tag on homepage.

I’m not going to set this to anything, I don’t think it’s useful for this site. Whatcha think?