Deprecating a talkgroup version

Here are some notes as I think through the process by which to shutdown a version of talkgroup.

For v1, it is just Discourse, so it means everything is a URL, which will one day not be there. I had considered creating a list of URL redirects to then feed as an .htaccess file on a domain somewhere, to redirect folks to the content they want. But that’s a lot of work! More than I’m willing to include while operating #previously.

Here’s a thought I had: create a static site with some redirects included, but defaults to a “not found” page that offers a link to the Wayback Machine and good luck. Also included would be an invitation to join the current talkgroup to ask someone if they know where a piece of content is, in case the WM didn’t capture a page, or the person thinks we are so cool but need an explicit invitation to join… that works.


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