`deck`, Librem 14 laptop

deck is the designation for the Librem 14 laptop @maiki uses. This is a wiki topic to document vitals for the device.

TODO: use one of those text-based apps that list the vitals… and paste the output here. :slight_smile:

I’ve mostly been logging my efforts (which have been quite successful) at Setting up a new laptop.

I did want to share a gotcha that applies to folks switching from an XPS 13:


The power button is where I’m used to my delete button! Honestly, it’s probably the one thing I find strange about the Librem 14, everything else has been really neat. I’ve already learned, but it was pretty comical for a few days!


Well, it’s been 1.5 months, and every time I open my laptop I get relaxed, so that’s fun.

The Librem 14 is precisely the machine I need at the moment, and it would be great if that remained so for a while, I’m getting a lot done. Any obstructions to my work are never my laptop, where prior it was likely my laptop.


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The Librem 14 has a micoSD card slot! That’s a new port for me, and very useful. :slight_smile:

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At some point this became less useful…

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Today I updated the firmware on deck. It went very smoothly, following the document at Coreboot Firmware on Purism Librem Devices – Purism.

As part of the process, however, it install git! I’ve gone this whole time without using it. :slight_smile: Now I suppose I can start doing drive-by edits again (and fix the RSS link in Gajim’s website’s footer…).

I just updated the embedded controller firmware. It went fine, and quick. :slight_smile: