December 2020

Continuing the discussion from November 2020:

Now I’m processing December from a year ago, our first during the pandemic.

Just last night we were reading how people who share “portraits” of their lives highlight the nicest parts. Everything from oil paintings to social media. And because our physical senses were honed in a world where we have more direct access to the people telling us stories, and therefore a better sense of what is “real”, seeing photos of non-stop happy people make use feel weird about ourselves.

To combat this quirk, I share things that I’d rather not. Not because I’m particularly self-concious (I sometimes worry about potential clients seeing my pandemic coat of fur and passing on working with me, but honestly, no one I work with knows what I look like [I use audio-only on video calls!]), but because when we share things we want to also present products that represent our abilities.

Taking random self-photos or documenting which wine we were drinking doesn’t sound exciting, but I believe in the future this sort of thing will be useful. And perhaps it would be useful for some, now. In that spirit…

Have you played Marathon (Marathon (video game) - Wikipedia)? Love that… lighting situation? Have I got a format for you!

We made a strategic purchase a year ago…

Later in the month @susanmagnolia found a cube thing outside, and I put our tv on it, finding a natural home for the Switch.

Which was good, because sometimes it got really cold, and we had a nice setup. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a @susanmagnolia and a Clover…

…and here’s a Snufkin?!

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One evening Clover and I were walking around the neighborhood, checking the lighting situation. Honestly, folks in our place don’t decorate much, there are many apartment buildings. Sometimes you get balconies lit up, but most years it’s a handful of single-home owners decorating.

We didn’t find many that impressed us, but these folks just put some lights in a veggie-arch and it worked really well!

While wandering we “found” a vista above this corner of Lake Merritt, one we don’t always see…

…because we were behind someone’s place.


Some scenes from doll house, including an iconic setting for those familiar with Moominpappa’s garden ornament…

And so we closed out another year…

How were we feeling going into the new year?

2021, GO!!1!