Daily log, maiki

Clover and I spent the weekend half busy, half lazy. I preferred the half lazy portion.

I’ve been “reminding” Clover to write in their five-year journal each day, and was considering using stamps to mark recurring events:

  • tiny tree - visited bonsai garden
  • tiny palm tree - visited Animal Crossing
  • tiny book - finished a book

My thinking is the stamps would be about the size of a US dime, to easily fit in the entry.



Yesterday Susan’s mother passed away. They were surrounded by family.

Upon hearing of this, Clover remarked, “She had a long and successful life, with lots of children and grandchildren.”

I concur.


Yesterday Clover and I drove down from Oakland to Los Angeles. We go within 50 miles of LA, and then got about 5 miles in 2 hours. Worst traffic jam I’ve been in, as people began to lost their composure and drove dangerously, racing down the shoulder so fast it caused our stationary vehicle to shake.

I do not find this behavior acceptable. Any of it. Driving on highways, giving people licenses to operate mecha, creating tacks of highway with no way to leave… it’s all a poor system to which I hold Californians responsible.

Yesterday @susanmagnolia and Clover and I drove from Los Angeles to Oakland. We left at noon and got home at 10:40PM. We took the 101, and that was an adventure in itself. Seeing the ocean was nice.

Slept deeply for the first time in days last night, and will be very tired tonight as well…

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Yesterday I got an email explaining Evolve Oakland was leaving the space at 2323 Broadway in Oakland. Evolve Oakland was formerly Impact Hub Oakland, and was where I provided tech support to folks in Oakland, prior to the shut-in order.

On July 5 they will not be there, and there were no details on a new location. So as the pandemic shut-in orders are ending my “workplace” is gone…

I’m worried. :weary:

Yesterday, I went to the laundromat, because the machine in our building is broken and I can connect to the internet at home, so it works out for me. I was able to also get some work done in the park later that evening.

We’re trying to contact various agencies and orgs to help us with out housing situation, and we’ve made a lot of progress in just a couple of days, but most of it has been disappointing, really cutting off options, which feels… desperate.

But we’re together and we’re working the problems. So. Many. Problems.

Yesterday we went to Sausal Creek, and I worked from the backseat of the car and it worked pretty well. I got a notification my so-called “5G” wifi spot has been shipped. There is a (slim) chance it will work better at my home, which would go a long way for helping my situation.

Still no news on my laptop… :weary:

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And we just sent in two months of rent for this month and next month, in hopes we are not evicted while awaiting funds to cover back rent, which we very much qualify for, now that I got the taxes done (we made below 30% AMI).

It’s all our money, but our food and medical is covered (thanks California! :sun_with_face:). If I can get a handle on my health and branch out from government agencies and non-profits (which were very affected by the pandemic) for work and we get a lot of help from emergency funds, we should be able to bounce back.

Ha. Haha.


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My personal anxiety is staying generally lower, and I’m not sure if that’s because I perceive a path forward, or because there is no clear path and I’ve internalized not worrying about it. I’d be happy in either case. :slight_smile:

It’s getting hot, and promises to be hotter. Supposedly in the 90s and thenrain. Whaaaat?

New wifi spot arrived! And it is large. I’ll likely do a write-up comparing the two models I have, both MiFi brand.

Which is good, because supposedly this weekend it is suppose to be raining and 90 degrees out… which sounds like Mustafar weather to me!

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It was not hot or rainy, but being a celebratory weekend, Lake Merritt became chaotic, as folks sought parking in our neighborhood. And also there was a shooting, killing one and wounding others.

Our neighborhood is very dangerous for pedestrians…

Yesterday was tough (Health log, maiki - #18 by maiki), but today we’re hearing reports of California addressing symptoms of the housing crisis, and the laptop I ordered in November is going to ship soon! I did order a change (change 2x16GB to 1x32GB, so I can add another 32GB stick of RAM later), and I don’t think that will delay anything. So yay!


They were prompt and it is on! Compared to yesterday, this is a real roller-coaster move in my life…

:computer: :partying_face:

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Got the confirmation that my order from November 10 is being processed, and they’ll be building my laptop now! Yay!

But also I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ll be convinced when the thing boots twice… :grimacing:

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I stayed home because I’m healing and can’t walk around, but had I been better I could have gone on this spectacular day trip to SF MoMA with @susanmagnolia!


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@susanmagnolia and I were in our room, and Clover was hanging out on the balcony. When I arrived to the balcony door Clover was leaning up against the building, not particularly concerned. I asked em to come in, and e said it felt like someone had slammed their door…


Their tech support took several days to ask me to use a different device.

The signup was delayed on every device, but I was finally able to create an account on an Android device with Chrome. Barely.

After logging in I was able to fill out the application fine, and submitted it last night. If everything works out then money will go straight to the rental company.


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We found a 2br for less rent than we pay now, in Auburn, and have an appt. to see the place tomorrow… so road trip tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Our road trip was successful! As in we found a place and area we enjoy and would like to live, and we filled out an application and were as charming as we could be.

Now, we wait. If we don’t hear back from them by the 10th… we didn’t get it.


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