Creating a Peertube instance

I have video to share. We have videos from phones, video games, other things. And I’m having difficulty maintaining tools across each platform my family uses, which adds steps to sharing video, a problem people posting to YouTube do not have.

So I’m gonna work the situation, self-host my own video transcoding web platform, so each device can just upload a video and it does the correct thing, which is something like producing a viewable video at a URL.

I’ve chosen PeerTube, because it does a bunch of what I want. I’m going to create a staging instance from the Docker image, and attempt to serve media directly from objectstorage (meaning not from the PeerTube instance).

This arrangement requires s3fs fuse support, and editing the nginx config prior to docker-compose, but I think I understand the shape of it. I’ll use this topic to track my progress. :slight_smile:

Each time I get sidetracked by something I come back to this process and basically have to start over. I guess I need more docker-compose projects, so I get comfortable with this method in general…

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Noting here: I don’t have the personal capacity to figure out how to install peertube at the moment. But if anyone wants to put up, @maiki me and we’ll get it worked out. :slight_smile: