Content status while migrating from v1

Continuing the discussion from TNG gifs:

The process has begun, happening in #previously. We’ve already processed some content, and it is proving interesting and informative!

One thing that had flummoxed me for a while was what to do with the actual content on v1, the data-entry that produces the HTML at a given URL. I do like the idea of deleting content, but removing it in that manner can complicate working with others to migrate content away: some topics need to be split up by different people for different purposes, and syncing those actions make each piece of content potentially requiring a Gnatt chart to track… no good.

Here’s what I’ve currently landed on, and their implications. When a piece of content has been processed “publicly” in #previously one of two things happen to the content, it becomes:

  1. Unlisted
  2. Made a private message

By “publicly” I mean the bulk of the planning for what’s going to happen, the initial discussion. Oh, I have an example: TNG gifs

In the initial posting I explained some ideas for the content in question, and that was the public part. Then, I spent a week working it out and acted and then reported back at TNG gifs - #3 by maiki.

After the initial linking and discussion, I can actually change the status to unlisted or PM since we are now tracking it here on v2.

When a topic is unlisted, it no longer shows up on any list, it may only be directly linked to. The public link still works.

When a topic is made a private message, only the participants may view it. I’m currently investigating if PMs are exported, and if so that should take care of what I plan to do…

Which is to slowly process and fade topics away from the public on v1. And when the site is ready to be shut down, everyone just exports their stuff as a final backup.