Configure tags

Continuing the discussion from Previously, on Galaxy's End:

Sounds like we’re gonna use tags. To ensure I documented all the things, I decided to not do them until someone needed them, and now we are ready for tags.

One thing that we never used in v1 was tag groups, that is a group of pre-existing tags, which may be applied on a per-category basis. For instance, we could add tags representing games we play, and then make it so only tags from that group may be used in a category.

For an effort such as Galaxy’s End, I think we might create a talkgroup-specific tag group, which represents things members are doing together. However, it start I’m gonna keep it simple and just turn on tags with the minimal configuration.

I just turned them on, and upped the limit per topic (from 5 to 20).

I notice only level 3 or higher may create tags. That is actually quite effective at keeping the number of tags low. It seems very difficult to create a new tag, but I think that focus is something talkgroup will benefit from, making it easier to surround a given topic (using subscription tools, for instance).

Note anyone may use an existing tag (trust level 0).

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