Computing talkgroup proposal

I propose a computing talkgroup. It would supersede Slow Tech Support - talkgroup, Webcraft - talkgroup, Digital Safety - talkgroup, and most of Science and Technology - talkgroup.

I take the generalized meaning from Computing - Wikipedia, particularly the sentiment:

The term “computing” is also synonymous with counting and calculating. In earlier times, it was used in reference to the action performed by mechanical computing machines, and before that, to human computers.[7]

Rather than sprinkling technical discussions all around, here’s one bucket for everyone to geek out on (or mute).

I intend to host a series of long term discussions thoroughly exploring an aspect of computing as aligned with my interests, with the end goal of creating a document of sorts (a “book”, a database, a very fancy list, who knows).

I will encourage others to find their own uses of an open technical discussion space. :slight_smile: