☘ Clover and...!

Clover tells and shows me interesting things, and when I don’t have anywhere else to share, I do so here. :slight_smile:

I think a squirrel took my whittle sticks.

It happens.

Whoever wants tea shall have it!

Exclamation overheard during play.

I think a noodle went down my sleeve!

Oh, no, my foot just touched it…

It’s like watching clover grow in a field…

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We have fancy hats!

This morning I found Clover and Susan cuddling in bed. I had decided this morning I would tell Clover our friend died. I’ve done research on approaches for the age group, and had mentally prepared answers to follow up questions.

I told Clover I had something sad to share, described our friend, and said, “…, they died.”

Clover had a shaking motion come over their body, like their entire being was processing what I had said. I asked if they wanted to hug, and we did.

And when we stood apart Clover said, “I have so many good memories.” And I embraced Clover again and cried deeply.

We honored our friend by talking about how talented and kind they were, and fun encounters we had. And no follow up questions.


So… Clover is thinking about sex. And… talking about sex. Like, not really, but kinda.

And I also feel they are just on the cusp of being deeply embarrassed by what I could share about our conversations. I’m just dropping a note here that the rawness is probably going to be more select.

On the other hand, fresh off a birthday, Clover asked me this morning, “Have you noticed my face growing?” and posed demonstrating their… face growth.

So I’ll still have stuff to share. :slight_smile:

Clover is a volunteer at the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt (https://bonsailakemerritt.com/). They go every week, and when possible every day. Recently Clover was showing me some cool stuff, and was wearing the t-shirt from the Bonsai Garden, so we did took some shots. Here are images to fascinate: a posing, a tree, information.

Japanese maple grove

Daimyo oak

Is it possible to be in love with one’s own character, or is that just vain?




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Clover gave me a dragon name for my figurine in Dragoon: Berni’sa’fod

I translated it as “Convention of Desctruction”, so Clover made an apt choice.

:derelict_house: :fire: :dragon_face:

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Last night we had popcorn, and at bedtime Clover was… doing a thing. Like a… “patronizing cuddle”? I was partially laying on their bed and they put hugged me from behind and said:

Ah, you made us popcorn, my little popcorner.


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This last year was one of growth for Clover. Here are some fuzzy readings, to get a sense:

From December 11, 2019 to December 22, 2020, Clover grew approximately 5.5 cm.

From December 22, 2020 to December 21, 2021, Clover grew approximately 11.5 cm!

That’s… accelerated. :grimacing:

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Last night I was waxing poetic about something, and Clover had obviously moved on from the conversation, offering:

I’m happy about your soul and such, but I just thought of something funny…

The other night we were finishing up dinner, and Clover was slumping over the table, yawning. The following conversations entailed:

Clover (while yawning): I know what will wake me up…
Susan: Drinking some water?
maiki: Going for a walk?
Clover: … cosplay!

So they did cosplay. :slight_smile:

Today we met a friendly cat:

As we walked away I heard:

If I had a cat it would nap all the time, I would pet it so much!