Clover and computing!

Today I installed a fresh version of Fedora 35 on a laptop for Clover, beginning their personal computing journey. This is a log of subjects we cover.

We had to travel for net access, and chose our local Lutheran Church, which has a nice sitting area (actually recently upgraded with lights and more seating!), so we mounted up. Clover inherited the cool orange bag that fits that device:

I had thought I would let Clover fill in their account info, but I reviewed it and I’m sure Clover will have plenty of chances to do the first OS login tour. I set up their account, so they could log in and begin using it.

So the first thing I had them learn was to open a terminal, and make it full screen in Gnome. Then we updated the system software, learning that we don’t fly around our systems as “superusers”, because we might accidentally delete all our files. So we use a special command spell to “superuser do” stuff, sudo.

So after being denied without sudo, we got to:

sudo dnf update

And we were off to the races… Races in this instance being parallel downloads for over 600 packages… :sweat_smile:

I swear, you can’t pay for these experiences and the wisdom they impart!

One of the first things Clover opened, among the available apps that come in Fedora 35, was GNOME Weather. And it’s very cool! I’m using PureOS, but was able to install it from flatpak real quick:

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Weather

We’ll start comparing the weather results, but if they are accurate this will be a great app to use:

@susanmagnolia and I are always trying to get a signal at our place to figure out the weather, it sometimes takes forever, making it useless, and on the other end I’ve not found any weather data sources for my area (I’ll have to check, the source for the Weather app).

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