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I’m considering my options for car insurance, and wanted to share my plan.

Basically, we intend to live outside of a metropolitan city, we can’t afford to live in any California city we know of. However, before we can move we’ll be parking and driving our vehicle in Oakland, California.

Additionally, our neighborhood is a place that windows get smashed out of cars regularly. Listen, I don’t know anything about this except it happens, because as pedestrians my family has to walk over new broken auto glass on the sidewalks, constantly. I had to get over that fact to even move forward with purchasing a vehicle, and is why I’m looking for that sweet price point between “not anywhere near new” and “auto-glass is still readily available for this model”.

Okay, back to car insurance. I understand there is basic coverage required by law, and then the stuff that covers all the liabilities, including features that cover injuring others, etc.

My plan is to get a lot of coverage while staying in the city, and then when I move somewhere and drive infrequently I will modify the insurance to be basic, to keep my expenses low.

As someone who doesn’t interact with car insurance companies, I ask: is that a prudent course?

That makes sense to me, though I would keep the medical coverage high no matter what. If, gods forbid, there was an accident and some modest medical things were required, if you have good medical coverage… whether it was your parties fault or other cars fault, your car insurance company won’t care and will pay out. If you are relying on the other party to cover the expenses because it was their fault… that crap can take a while to get sorted out.

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We went with Geico, and using the coverage selector went with the basic, “fuller” coverage, as opposed to the “California minimum coverage”.

However, @tim, we did not get medical coverage. As it was explained on the site, it useful for accidents where our medical insurance wouldn’t cover most expenses, but we are covered really well with our insurance. We are very poor, and Medi-Cal covers a whole lot. Even ambulances.

This is difficult for me to predict, because with my personal experience in the last year, I’m not sure there will be a functional medical system in the future; I’m not doom-and-glooming, rather acknowledging that there are less and less landmarks by which to navigate.

Anyhow, we feel good about paying ~$250 for six months coverage, because that is one less obstacle to getting ourselves into a better place. :slight_smile:

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