Car accessories

Continuing the discussion from Buying a car in 2021:

I have a list of items I need to address about the car:

  • replace windshield wipers
  • neck support for driving
  • ???

The driving pillow for my neck is the most important. But I’m having no luck finding a store with these, so I need information:

  1. What accessories are good to have? (ex. jumper cables)
  2. Where do I buy these? Is there a reliable car accessories website?

i have a jump battery. it is better than jumper cables because you don’t need another car’s battery.

i don’t have that exact make and model, but i have something similar. i’ve jumped my 95 camry with it thrice. makes me feel all self-sufficient!

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i get windshield wipers (replacement blades) and wiper fluid from Auto Zone.

er, i think i do. it’s one of these chain stores.

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I’m fond of that device, as I once used it to jump your car, as well. :slight_smile: