Call logs of the Tax Orgs

Yesterday’s calls:

  • IRS, need to call back due to “overburdened phone system”
  • CA Rent Relief org that runs the website to signup (COVID-19 Rent Relief), was on hold with tech support and call operator, tech support didn’t answer so I was told to try the website a different day

Everyone acts like everything is re-opening, but every time I call anyone it seems like we are not ready for “business as usual”.

The IRS want’s me to verify my ID, but that requires a tax return, which they say a 1099-NEC is not, so I need to call them to get this sorted. But each time I call, it is a “high volume call” situation, where they suggest I call back the next day.

Not sure what to do, except maybe call first thing in the morning… which means getting up at 7, I guess.

Tried it on multiple devices, so opened a support ticket with the software hosts (“Neighborly Software”).

For several days I’ve tried to create an account on this portal, tested from a few devices. When creating an account the animated “N” logo and a loading modal appears, but never moves forward.

Please assist me in creating an account.

We’ll see how this goes… :grimacing:

Called at 8AM, and that was already too late, too high call volume. Hmmm, I’ll try, ya’ll, but not sure I’m great at waking at 7AM on a Monday…

Do you have the option to stay on the call anyway? or do they just disconnect you?

If you can stay on, my trick is to just put them on speakerphone and wait however long it takes, doing computery stuff while I wait.

They hangup. After making you listen to a very long message before putting you in queue. Next time I’ll record it. But yeah, they disconnect.

I was on hold on average for 20 hours a week back in March and April. I’m ready to loudspeaker it, but they’re clever… :grimacing:

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We’ve received another request to fill out the online stuff from our rental company, so I’ve replied that we filled it out a month ago. Let’s hope they can connect with our case number or whatever…

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