Building an XMPP Clients list

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Okay, now that I’ve collected a decent base of resources for XMPP I can separate them into logical buckets. Starting with clients, since that’s what most people need to know to get started.

First step: gather all the clients here, and look at data that I find useful concerning clients.

Second: build a directory of data and publish it online.

This has been my primary XMPP client for, um, ever.

Lots of folks say nice things about Dino. It is not available in Fedora repos nor flatpak, so I haven’t used it yet.

Snikket is a project combining various components to create an enjoyable experience for your friends and family who don’t want to use “yet another messaging app”.

A simplified component overview:

  • Snikket Server-as-Docker-Image, based on Prosody configured in a standardized way
  • Snikket Android, collaborated with Conversations (app)
  • Snikket iOS, collaborated with Siskin (app)
  • Snikket Web, to be determined, but a web-based user interface
  • Snikket Push Server, service run by Snikket Org to send push notifications to Google and Apple phones

Android app. Because it is FOSS others are able to reuse the code in other projects, leading to innovation and experimentation.

iOS app (iPhone and iPad). Named after a bird!;a=blob;f=tools/txxmpp.c

1 /* txxmpp.c - Transmit a message to an XMPP account


AstraChat is an enterprise alternative to WhatsApp and Slack for large organizations that want their own private messaging servers in the cloud or on premise. AstraChat is a complete XMPP-based messaging solution that is ideal for governments, police, military, banks, insurance, finance, and healthcare companies that value privacy and security.

I added AstraChat here as a server, but is is also a suite of clients, available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and “Linux”.

When I try to find the download options for the server component I can’t actually find it… :thinking:

The M-Link User Server is Isode’s core Instant Messaging and Presence server based on the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) standard. Its feature set makes it ideal for deployments where security, reliability and special functionality are vital as well as for large public deployments.

Simple XMPP console client written in Rust and inspired by Profanity.

Grab some :popcorn:, it’s asciicinema!

Beagle IM by Tigase, Inc. is a lightweight and powerful XMPP client for macOS.

The home page is funny for an app call “Beagle”, there are a bunch of kittens.

Maybe the kitten is named “Beagle”!

Mit erhälst du einen sicheren Instant Messenger für dein Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop und PC. Wir setzen auf das XMPP Protokoll und betreiben unsere Serverplattform mit offener Server-zu-Server Schnittstelle.

With you will get a secure instant messenger for your smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. We rely on the XMPP protocol and operate our server platform with an open server-to-server interface.

Bruno is the cutest Jabber/XMPP Instant Messaging (IM) app available. It is a themed version of the open source yaxim app.

You can use Bruno if the other IM apps are just not stylish enough.


A free and open-source XMPP chat client in your browser

An encrypted instant messaging with video call and GPS features for android

This website has an annoying title, possibly a layover from an older domain ( doesn’t load for me). The webpage is hosted on

Opa is an open-source XMPP chat client for the Web (SSR) entirely built on top of Vue, NuxtJS and ElementUI that follows the coolest trends out there bye bye Flash and Desktop clients!

Claims to have a demo at Para você - Sicoob Credija - Sicoob, but what I see is:

Considering 404 Not Found on "" · Issue #62 · credija/opa · GitHub was posted and remains unanswered from a year ago doesn’t bode well for this project.

Neato thing:

Trivia: “Opa”, among many meanings in Brazil, is also used informally as a greeting!

xmppc is a XMPP command line interface client. It’s written in C and is using the xmpp library libstrophe.

CoyIM is a new chat client that is safe and secure by default: no settings to change, no plugins to install, no computer configuration to change.

Not yet audited. Do not use for anything sensitive.

a minimalistic secure XMPP client

Profanity is a console based XMPP client written in C using ncurses and libstrophe, inspired by Irssi