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  •, which loads Google Fonts, but otherwise doesn’t seem horrible. I go for a more systematic approach, to this might be interesting to use if I somehow forget something. Like, how to use search on talkgroup.
  •, which loads scripts from Microsoft, Google, and Cloudflare, some combination of which find repo info. Someone let me know if it works, and in doing so feel an appropriate trade-off. :slight_smile:

Whoo, I came out of the door swinging, ne? :slight_smile:

My web browsers are configured to block third-party resources by default, so most of these mashups don’t work for me, and depend so strongly on corporate resources to load, it isn’t worth it to me to compromise on a site-by-site basis.

However, my new tool will address this, being a thing made for me. :sunglasses:

There are more tools in the Related section today:

I’ve used most of them, and find them all to be broken in funny ways, makes me think maybe folks don’t make it this far down the list as often… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On Github there is a system for tagging repos by keyword, and they call them “Topics”. I think. The total documentation I’ve seen is at Topics on GitHub · GitHub

“All Awesome Lists” is a link to, which says:

Awesome Lists

An awesome list is a list of awesome things curated by the community. There are awesome lists about everything from CLI applications to fantasy books. The main repository serves as a curated list of awesome lists.

The most surprising thing is… “Here are 4,448 public repositories matching this topic…”

The “main repository” (which begs the question, “which came first, the awesome or the list?”) has ~660 lists. And at this point, “curated” means follows specific guidelines, and gets voted upon, but I’ll get to that in a bit!

At any rate, the awesome topic at Github is effectively useless. What are we gonna do with 5,000 READMEs?

This site remains an interesting discovery tool. However, I can’t find the source for that site, nor any other information about the domain operator; there is no other site I know of on that domain. I wouldn’t make this part of my toolbox, it could disappear at any time.

600 awesome lists can be found by AwesomeSearch now.


There are many awesome lists in the Awesome
We hope to build an application to access them more quickly .


Access and search every awesome repo collected in sindresorhus/awesome in one page without pain.
Access an awesome repo by Awesome Search can bookmark your favorite!)
Categories of an awesome repo is supported if that repo uses properly formatted headings.
Search links in a specified repo (supports most repos) and repos listed in sindresorhus/awesome.

This is an awesome list proxy. There is a newer version, as well, at The new version is cute, but the first random list I clicked on (, upon clicking links I get:

View On Github


Last update at just now

Error when loading repo Request failed with status code 404

Not a tool I will use.

A browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Has features to track topics across random URI selections, drawn from awesome lists. Links are shipped with extension and accessed locally, generated from a Python script:

I didn’t use StumbleUpon for specific reasons I won’t use this extension, but it certainly looks optimized for folks who are looking for that interaction.

The CLI starts with the root repository sindresorhus/awesome and guides to to the final repo according to your choices. It fetches Readme files of the repositories and parses them to create the select lists. So, the CLI needs a working network :). It also uses file caches to cache the Readme file contents. You can find the cache folder with name “.awsomecache” under your home folder.

Avesome-cli Sample

Two things:

  1. I hate it when people drop directories into ~.
  2. They misspelled awesomecache

Um, what?

I was expecting something with lots of nodes connected together with lines of neon light showing the linking happening between lists, or something.

What I got:

That’s just a list as a bunch of cards.

Track your favorite github awesome repo, not just star it. provides website, newsletter, RSS for tracking the popular awesome list by daily and weekly.

Is what it is. I subscribe directly commits Atom for github repos, following the pattern: (would be great if they provided discovery or a link!)