August 2021

Continuing the discussion from July 2021:

Once evening I went for a walk, just as the sun was setting.

One of the fountains in Lake Merritt was lit up, and along with the Necklace of Lights, it was pretty in the dusk.

I hadn’t walked down Broadway in a while, so didn’t know the Impact Hub Oakland/Evolve Oakland space at 2323 Broadway had come under the operation of Oakstop, another Oakland coworking entity.

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Occasionally, at the Gardens at Lake Merritt, one might spy a California Great Whooping Pink Clover, seen here as it forages for grubs among tiny, old trees…

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Wonder what’s happening here…

Oh hey! It was at the end of August I got my Librem 14 computer!

I believe I had ordered it in November of 2020… that was a tough wait. T_T

Here are a couple of photos of @susanmagnolia, suitable for a variety of social network profiles and conference website headshots! Wow!

“Visionary, with scarf”

“Visionary, with scarf (and approachable!)”

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@susanmagnolia and I were out exploring, looking like supercool adventurers…

…so I called their attention to take an ussie…

…when a wild Clover appeared!

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