Asynchronous turns gameplay ideations

What I mean by “asynchronous turns gameplay” are mechanical ideas for processing “turns” when people are not playing at the same time, a prospect I find myself in more and more as I interact with people outside my timezone.

This topic capture random thoughts I have, of which there are many…

In some games each player turn represents something happening in the game (natural resources in Catan), or rolls are made based on the number of players (populating in Dragoon).

Put the rolls on a timer, so each player contributes to the resources, adding when they roll.

This idea is exciting to me because it means each person has an incentive to roll, but everyone also receives resources at “random” (likely very consistent, given player behavior), throughout the day. :slight_smile:

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This works as a really great async mechanism! Because you supply your preferences, multiple votes don’t need to take place in the case of a tie.

Of course all kinds of voting mechanisms need to be experimented with. That sounds fun!

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