Ask maiki anything

I know many things, and learn by talking to others and answering questions. Welcome to my education!

Here’s how it works. Anyone may ask me (@maiki) anything, by emailing

I will answer those questions publicly, and respond with a link, probably to here on talkgroup.

That’s simple, ne?

It means the types of questions that can be answered on public forums are an optimal choice. What I promise is that I will attempt to answer each question authentically.

General topics I probably have good answers for include:

  • Digital technology, web stuff
  • Homeschooling
  • Alternative lifestyle questions

I’m into a lot of other things, but no longer track fully (I used to know all video games, now I can’t keep track of what came out last week…).

Let’s find out what happens, together!

Posting in #media, as I am a multimedia artist, the web being among the computer-mediated communications platforms I utilize in my expression. :sunglasses: