Announcements talkgroup proposal

I propose we have a talkgroup with sub-talkgroups, for announcements. The reason for the additional complexity is configuring each to have different settings for auto-deleting messages.

I need a place to post

I have to interact with various websites to publish information. Each time I use one of these I make a list of things that irritate me, and finally the pattern emerged: I can use talkgroup for what I want. And it just might work…

How it works

Each sub-group will have a template that has to “basically” be filled out. It will include headings and everything. We can work on that over time. Additionally, each sub-group will have different rules for posting, that make sense. For example:

  • happening - topic deletes 6 hours after last reply
  • work - topic deletes 30 days after publishing
  • housing - topic deletes 30 days after publishing
  • surveys - topics deletes 90 days after publishing
  • places - each “place” is a topic, and replies delete after 1 day

Examples of how these would be used:

  • Someone finds a food truck, posts to “happening”, others might see it, and then it’s gone.
  • Someone is looking for a job or a room, their topic is up for 30 days and then deletes; comments are used to clarify, to assist
  • Someone like maiki posts a street survey for a city, and more people will see it and fill it out hopefully
  • Someone creates a topic for the library box on their block, each day they walk by and take a pic of what’s on offer, and add it as a reply; 24 hours later that snapshot is gone. Same with food menus/specials.


We will standardize some tags to make it easy to find and track announcements. Zip codes come to mind, as well as place names and other categories folks find useful. I imagine I will promote it locally, therefore I would be able to include “local listings”, powered by talkgroup. :slight_smile:


I’m moving forward with this, specifically as I need a place to post Surveys. Some I make for clients, some I make for fun, some I share for importance, some I share to learn from.

Ah, a wrench in my plan. I thought all the auto-timers (close, delete, publish, etc.) could be applied at the category level, so that all topics would inherit that setting. Turns out the only setting is auto-closing, which is a fine feature but not the one I needed for my scheme to work.

I moved ahead and created the #public-service sub-group of #announcements, but I’m not sure it makes sense anymore. If each topic will need to manually set to auto-delete, then it means the entire announcements talkgroup will be moderated, which means I can also ensure it is tagged correctly, which means folks can track tags rather than categories for filtering what they see… so yeah, probably just gonna make it fully moderated, as a quality assurance step.