All the feels come back (NWN)

Man I love the NWN game engine. I love it so much. I hear this and I am 18 again, fumbling around making modules as best I can.

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Are you sure you don’t just love the music? Because the game engine… there is just a whole lot more clicking than I imagined we would have put up with. For a game that is basically about gathering stuff and using it to kill/sell for things that kill, the inventory is so rough…

But that music! Same with GuildWars 1, the game is kinda meh, but the music is wonderful and fantastic (two things you want in fantasy music!).

And it’s a good thing, too, because you saw how easy it is to include music in Discourse! That means the fun audio parts of the games can be ours, in our “word games”! Mwhahahahaha!


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Hahaha, I’m listening to that track again and realizing why I’m so bitter, as well: that track is so lifting, it makes you want to go adventuring! And it would play, for years, while I tried to connect to broken game servers… that is the last music you want to listen to during such a demoralizing game situation. :weary:

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I would disagree on that, the customizable slots to put any item/action made it pretty quick for me.

I love the icons, the feel of the engine. It feels… like cool in a temperature sense.

It’s why I keep coming back to wanting to make something similar. I wanted the aurora engine to be something you could make modules in, then hit “make exe” and it output install files for your “game” for various distros. I would love to make that.

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I think it may come down to Class-choice. I’m a mage no matter which character I play, so I’ve always got spell components… :slight_smile:

I hear ya on that, I think the interface design was a nice upgrade from the Infinity Engine chrome. It is like a brown-shaded solarized (color palette), and it works.

I’ve always wanted to make a video game website because I’ve rarely found a video game website that matched the ascetic of the game in a way I found acceptable… and it’s just CSS and a few hex values!

My plan is to become stable in life in general, and then occasionally check in on something like Godot Engine to see if it has all the components to piece together such a thing. Like, I can look at a website and say, “Oh, in {WordPress|Discourse|Drupal|Hugo} I’d configure it with these {modules|plugins|libraries} to produce this functionality…”, I expect to one day be able to do that with 20 year old 3D engine ideas.

If you wanted to create an 8- or 16-bit era game you have loads of resources and components and assets, you can make entire games by oneself. I expect 3D gaming to achieve a similar state, and some free software tools to emerge as the ecosystems to support a given game system.

So… wanna build a 3D RPG in Godot? :slight_smile: