Affordable Connectivity Program, the journey

I recently got an email from Sonic, an Internet Services Provider.

[Announcement] Sonic now supports the Affordable Connectivity Program, and you may be eligible for additional savings.

Everyone deserves better internet at an affordable price, and Sonic is
proud to announce our support and involvement in the Affordable
Connectivity Program (ACP).

What is the ACP?

Working in tandem with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the
ACP allows Sonic to offer discounts on monthly broadband bills for
qualifying low-income households. This federal subsidy will provide
households up to a $30/month discount on broadband service and
associated equipment if your household meets the program

How do I enroll?

To qualify for this subsidy, a member of your household needs to
complete the next steps:

  1. Qualify for ACP: All interested Sonic members must complete the
    eligibility form found on the Federal National Verifier website, linked
    HERE (

  2. Apply for ACP with Sonic: Once you’ve completed the National
    Verifier eligibility form, and confirmed that you’re qualified, fill
    out the application in your Sonic Member Tools
    ( - Sonic Login )
    to complete your enrollment in the benefit program through Sonic.

Why is the ACP important?

The goal of this federal subsidy program is to offer more affordable
internet access to households who may need help with their internet
bill. At its core, Sonic is dedicated to the principles of digital
equality and getting all people the internet they deserve. By
participating in this new program, we are able to bring faster, more
affordable service to even more people.

For further questions, go to
(Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) | Sonic Fiber-optic Internet)

Cool! We receive government help, so we surely are eligible! So eventually I landed at…

In order to apply and verify for ACP online.

Guess how it played out? :slight_smile:

So, this page loads a lot of stuff from various Google domains, and after filling out a form with a lot of personal information on it, and having to pick photos from a Google service to see if I was a real human, the form just reset. I can’t figure out how to create an account on that site. And it’s weirding me out that I keep putting in private info and filling out recaptcha prompts. This isn’t how it is supposed to work.

Fortunately, there is a mail option.


There are three ways to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

laptop Online

Login or create a new account to complete the ACP application online.

snail mail Mail

Print an application: English Spanish (Application Instructions)

USAC recommends including a Household Worksheet with your application: English Spanish (Household Worksheet Instructions)

Complete the application and Household Worksheet and send them, along with copies of your proof documentation, to:

ACP Support Center
PO Box 7081
London, KY 40742

user chat Contact your internet company

Ask your internet company if they participate in the ACP, or use our online tool to find a participating company near you. Participating companies can help you apply through their company’s application process.

So I printed out the 8 page form and will mail it from California to Kentucky so I may have affordable internet access…

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Hey, it worked! I got an email with the required info, and verified through Sonic:

That took 2 weeks, but it worked! And hopefully they’ll get their weird website issue handled (I’m available for hire and have experience working with government agencies, so… ^_^).

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