About the journal talkgroup

The journal talkgroup is a place to log your efforts.

Most topics in this talkgroup come in two varieties:

  • A daily log open to anyone
  • A specific journal entry, or series of entries as replies

As a convention we name daily logs with the date (ex. “May 29, 2021” or “Oct 31, 2020: the silent halloween…”). That is an invitation for anyone to reply with their own update for the day in question.

Other entries will be self-contained, or will explain their purpose (you are encouraged to explain whenever possible!). :slight_smile:

This talkgroup is hosted by @maiki, and you are invited to share your daily struggles here. This is a public journaling space, and will be archived in the future.

When a journal entry ends with , username, that indicates the author would prefer no replies?

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Huh, I somehow missed your reply.

Nope! It is just a title format to inform the reader the log is primarily about the username. I’ve tried to imagine an alternative that works, but it eludes me, so I’m open to suggestions.

I think each topic should explain it’s own guidelines. So, if a person just wanted a place to post their thoughts without comment, we might be able to accommodate that (I only say “might” because it seems an uphill effort to post to public domain forums when you only want to share your own thoughts; that’s probably more of a personal blog).

Here are what I have going:

  • maiki scratches - my microblog thing, everyone is encouraged to interact
  • Health log, maiki - this makes sense to be about me as an individual, and comments are encouraged because it is scary and we need all the support we can get
  • Daily log, maiki - the topic is from my perspective, but is open to commenting
  • Ideations - free for all, because ideas should not stay in one human’s head; that is silly
  • ☘ Clover and...! - Anyone that interacts with Clover may share their interaction

So I guess as practiced, I use my name to demonstrate the “topic” is central to me, but anyone may comment because these are public domain forums.


@tim, how do you feel with the difference between shared dailies and “daily log, username”? Is one more inclusive or inviting? I’d love for folks to have their own daily logs, because then we can subscribe to them using Discourse tools, similar to a microblog site; I can be notified of all my friends updates, more signal to noise.

But this is experimenting, I need to know whatcha think. :slight_smile: