A "book" about Clover

There is a new topic in this instance of talkgroup at ☘ Clover and...!, so I have to name this topic different, when processing Clover and...! - maiki - talkgroup

I started that topic to track funny and weird things Clover tells me in November, 2018. What is that, 25, 40 years ago? I believe we had just set foot on the Moon…

Anyhow, my plan to process it is to actually build a thing that is similar to the books @susanmagnolia prints out for our family. I have tons of pictures of the kid from over the years, so with the timestamps I’ll track down an image of or near the event in question. Like that, picture and words. Old school. Moon walks!

I had wanted to wait until I had my new laptop, but um… I haven’t heard about that (Daily log, maiki - #34 by maiki), so I’ve just got to move along my plans with what I’ve got.

It will mean switching to the computer that has the non-compressed images and working from there, but I’ll set up a task for it, we’re shiny. :slight_smile:

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