2006 Prius hybrid battery replacement

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Called a mechanic and described the lights on the dashboard, and they gave me the most likely prognosis: we need to replace the hybrid-battery, parts and service being around $3,500.

I mentioned how the dashboard display doesn’t work, meaning we can’t turn off the AC or monitor the battery, and they recommended we take it to a dealership.

I’ll log this here. And in the meantime, gotta get more work, this is really crunching us…

Diagnosis: $225
Resulting in replacing hybrid battery: $3050

Will be done on Monday.

And yet… they suggested I go to a different place to replace the center console, as it would be $1,000 there, but a place in San José refurbishes them and should be cheaper… so while our battery system should be good for a while, our fucking AC is still on full blast with no way to turn it off (as it has been for months).

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Fucking hilarious. :slight_smile:

I’ll say this: it is like a three day weekend to not have access to a vehicle.

Ya’ll, automobiles control us. I just heard Neil Postman say it, and that was from 1997! What?! But knowing that I do not have ready access to a vehicle, so freakin’ hot! My senses can lower, I don’t need to expend mana to keep my armor up, those motorist encounters are off the table for a few days…


Yesterday I called to see when the replacement would be done; they had already disassembled the car over the weekend to be ready.

Well… the battery was delivered to the wrong dealership. And it would take until today to get it over and in place.

This morning I got a text to call them, and it turns out the battery is not the correct one, and it is on back order, and won’t be ready to put in until Monday or Tuesday of next week…

Cars, everyone.

Contacted them, turns out the battery is on back order for the region, and they don’t have ours ready, and we will know on Thursday if the warehouse in San Ramon has the part to go into the car on Friday…

Which would be two weeks that the car is in the shop. Meanwhile, tomorrow I’ve got to get Clover to a weekly class in Berkeley at 10am. Haha, ha.

Latest update is the car should be done around noon tomorrow; the part is at the warehouse in San Ramon, expected to be delivered to dealership in the morning.

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On Friday Clover and I went to pick up the car at 4PM; it was available to us at 5:45PM…

Anyhow, the center console was disabled in the process, which is actually great news!

The AC is shut off! Yay! It’s actually quite nice and quiet in the car, without the constant white noise of full blast AC blowing pass closed vents…

Also, it doesn’t feel like the car is constantly about to shut off, so there’s that.

Okay, time to jump onto the next crisis! :slight_smile: